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Fast and Female

Moveo - I am not always injured, but when I am Moveo has always been the one to treat it and keep me on my bike.  Dr. Jenn Turner can fix just about anything.

Performa Nutriton - When I wanted to step up my game, performa nutrition got me on the right path for success.

Root Wellness - Vancouver Holistic Health Care from my very good friend Bex and her team.  She has helped me with so many health related issues, and is always the first person I go to with my over the top questions.

Nuun Hydration ! 

My good friend  Naomi Cermack is the strongest and most determined person I know.  Check out her story and her cause :) More info here too. - As an update - I have the heartbreaking news that Naomi passed away at the end of the year due to her battle with Cancer.  This does not however mean that I will ever stop supporting her and her cause, and she will remain an inspiration to me.  I encourage anyone to have a look at her blog to be truly inspired :).  WE LOVE YOU NOMES!


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