Thursday, February 26, 2015

In case you thought I had ceased to be, expired and gone to meet my maker...

This might be old news, but I am excited to say I will be riding with TRT again for this upcoming season.  Track season only just came to a close, and I have barely had any time off from competition - but that's the way I like it. 

After climbing for 2 hours with insane headwinds in Alpine, California.

A couple weeks ago I decided I needed some time to myself - working is not my favorite pass time believe it or not - so I went to San Diego for a week of riding and sunshine...or so I hoped.  Day 1's ride ended up being a little more epic then anticipated, and resulted in me spending the evening overcome with a horrible sickness (trying to make it sound eloquent b/c it was anything but!).  I have a history of not coping well with the heat, so I blamed it on heat stroke, until I ended up having no appetite and a fever for the remainder of my vacation.  It wasn't all bad tho - I ended up doing a couple of the infamous Swamis group rides (lets call them races), climbed a couple mountains, and learned how to surf (unsuccessfully).  I also saved a lot of money on food and slept over 10 hours a night - so in reality it was a success. I was also in the company of a local BC team, Langlois Brown, who I ended up spending a lot of time with, which made the downs of the trip plateau into acceptable... Mesa's (...see what I did there..:)).  I was able to thank them for their warmth by getting about half of their team sick as well...sorry!

Wes, at the back, made an insane Cuban dinner for all of us on Valentines day, something he does every year to celebrate his anniversary with his wife - so special :)

After seeing how well the LB team got along, it made me miss my own team mates, and got me excited about the season ahead.  Last night I was lucky enough to get some of that feeling back, by being invited to the TRT annual sponsors dinner.  I was asked to attend as the athlete representative, and was able to say a small thank you in front of 30 of our sponsors (we have about 70...).  It's a little difficult to get across how much this program and it's supporters mean to me sometimes, so it's nice to be given the opportunity to express it on occasion.  An amazing 5 course dinner at the best french restaurant in BC (Le Crocodile) doesn't hurt either.  

This weekend is our first race as TRT 2015.  We have about 4 local races until our trip down south for the Redlands Classic in California and Sea Otter.  I'm really looking forward to getting to know all the new athletes and to see how fast I can make my bike go :) Until next time!

Steve, the TRT boss man, and I struggling to take a decent picture.