Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Motivation is everything

Recently my best friend went through what will probably be the hardest time in her life. Seeing her in so much pain, and in the bottom of the pit, really made me open my eyes to what I have around me and to be grateful for this gift we sometimes refer to as 'Life'.  At the time I was not having the best races, training wasn't going as I had planned and my motivation was definitely lacking.  It was when I gave my friend a call and started to vent to her about my pitty party, that I realized she was the one in the hospital, and I was the one sitting on the couch with the freedom to change the way I was approaching my life.

Anna and I, inseparable even after 10 years

I decided to reach out to some people who I thought would be a bit wiser then I in my new found situation - and wow I have some insightful friends :)  It's amazing how willing people are to help in such personal situations.  And so - I think I've figured it out.  Are you ready for it - it's tattoo worthy...

Every day - just giver'.  If you're like me and you have to train, just giver' as hard as you can, every day.  If you have to go to work, just giver' and work hard.  If you have to get groceries but you don't know what to make for supper, just go to the store, giver' and get some amazing stuff, and when you get home just giver' in the kitchen and make a killer dinner...and because you gaver' so hard you'll probably have some sick leftovers for lunch while you're giviner' at the office!  It's a positive state of mind, and a 'can do' attitude which, from now on, everything will be approached with.  

I am just Giviner' 

I am suuuper tempted to get a lip tattoo of 'Just Giver'', except Miley Cyrus beat me to it.....

Next Race is Enumclaw...will keep you posted :)