Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not quite what I was expecting...

Shani, Jenny and I enjoying a rest day

I promised a race report after Redlands – but that is not what you will be getting.  In fact I think this will be better :)  I’m the first to admit that I didn’t have the best races in San Dimas and Redlands.  I blame it on a mix of only riding the trainer (competing against girls who live in California), not being used to the heat (same excuse applies to this one), and being a bit of a pansy.  I have, however, learned from most of my mistakes in the past – so I am making a huge effort to work on what threw me off this past month. 

Redlands did award me with a few confidence boosting moments.  I knew I wasn’t riding to my ability but I managed to make it to the last stage (when I raced it before I was time cut after the first road race).  I also finished in the top third of the crit (31st), with legs that needed a lot more air pumped into them then what they had available at the time :)

I met Johnny Depp - in my dreams!
After Redlands my so called ‘vacation’ began.  I have been working 3 jobs and training full time for the past 4 months so I was really looking forward to a bit of time off!  My boyfriend and I went to L.A. and stayed with his friend in the Hollywood Hills.  I only saw Nick Jonas jogging (soft J), and some guy from Entourage – which was a little disappointing for me (I loooove celebrities!) but still note worthy.  We ate at a members only club called the SOHO and crushed Universal Studios – which was much cooler then I had imagined!  I was then shipped back to Palm Springs where my team mate Leah and her Family took care of me and forced me to work on my tan lines by the pool.  On a side note – Palm Springs is by far the HOTTEST place I have ever been…absolutely insane.

I ended up surprising people with my climbing
 on Geysers at camp - and got a prize for it!
Then the infamous TRT team camp began.  We stay at a beautiful hotel in Santa Rosa for a week, and do as much training as I would normally do in 5 weeks.  I can honestly say I had the best time of my life – and we all came away raving about how we wish we could live like that forever.  Rides began at 9 sharp, and with 5 hour ride times being the norm (sometimes 6…7..), we would get back with just enough time to sun tan by the pool before our nightly team bonding and delicious dinners.  A new tradition was enforced this year at camp – swim races!  You would think we would be exhausted from killing each other on the climbs during the day – but at night our competitive spirit was reawakened and we would challenge each other to who could hold their breath the longest under water and who was faster at breast stroke.  It got so heated that the sponsors placed bets on who would win – thank gosh no one bet on my butterfly stroke  :)

The pool at The Flamingo - where swim races took place :)
This year it has really hit me how lucky I am to be doing what I am doing.  The support I (and all the riders on TRT) get is insane.  Our sponsors and management truely believe in us, and support our cycling and life dreams fully.  So if any of the TRT family is reading this – Thank You :)

Geordie and I working on a 'selfie'
I am sadly back at my desk, waiting for it to be time to go home and train.  BUT – I feel as if I have been injected with some kind of optimism/motivational potion and have never felt so revitalized.  I am now a huge believer in taking time off, relaxing, and even more so in making the most of an opportunity that is given. 

I leave you with wise words from our team camp:

 ‘When opportunity knocks at your door – punch it in the face!’
                                    - Anthony Michael, Canadian Olympic Rower