Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Training and Complaining

 Come on.  It's Winter.  And I know I make jokes about loving life in Vancouver because it's milder then Ontario - but rain is my new snow, and it still gets dark before I get home from work - so I, along with most other Canadians, are "loving" the trainer lately.  This got me thinking about this weird ritual me, and most every other cyclist do this time of year - ride the trainer.  Well at least I think other (non cyclist) people would find it weird!  When I lived at home we had a "gym" set up in the basement.  Big screen t.v., multiple trainers, rollers, etc always set up and ready to go.  I mean how can you not train when it's there waiting for you, right!? Not so weird.  Well now that I am a big girl and living in a one bedroom with a non-cyclist boyfriend, my luxury training set up is lacking.  I have to roll back the living room rug so it doesn't get sweat stains (it already has a bunch from before I figured out that I should roll back the rug...), I play musical chairs with our kitchen to create the perfect height for my fan stand, and - k this might seem gross but you all do it too - I have to mop up the floor afterwards because of the pool I leave under my bike.  Let me just say thank GOSH for living in a 70's appt with already water marked floors.
So not only is the set up less then perfect - but did I mention Scott isn't a cyclist - but he IS a huge Hockey fan - who purchsed NHL Centre Ice.  Now any North American knows that Centre Ice means that you can watch multiple games a day...ok scratch CAN to WILL.  So because the only time Scott and I are home together is when I have time to train - I am now forced to watch Hockey games while I do my workouts.  Picture this - I am sweaty and grunting and super uncomfortable on my trainer - as Scott is 2 feet away, laid under his Oilers blanket cheering for his fantasy pool players and on occasion the Oilers if they decide to ever show up for a game. Weird. 
I googled compression tights...

She takes long strides...
Then this got me thinking about some other nuances cyclists do that regular people would find weird. I mean every cyclist has their own strange thing they have to go through every day.  Like the cyclist who refuses to order food at a restaurant and brings his magic bullet full of green mush to the table and criticizes the food others have ordered and are now enjoying. " Do you know how much Fat is in that!?".  Or the one who refuses to drink any coffee other then that which she has hand picked,aged, roasted, toasted, ground, weighed, simmered, percolated, and which must be consumed sans dairy - obvi.  Or come on what about the one who refuses to wear regular pants and insists that compression wear must be worn at all times because it makes a huge difference in their recovery from their walk to the grocery store and back.  Socks barely do anything and people who wear them are not getting the full benefits that 300$ stretchy pants could give them.  Come on guys - catch up on your

we all NEED good coffee :)

And as a cyclists we use the words "but I have to" quite a bit.  "But I have to Train" (Scotts favorite), "but I have to eat THIS" (because THAT has a carb in it and I enjoy starving myself), "but I have to sleep" (if I don't get my regulated 9.75 hours I will output .237 ave watts less on my LSD tomorrow), "but I have to have the 50$ bar tape because its more grippy which will make drastic improvements in my sprinting abilities!".
I, of course, and simply making light of the funny things we do - and we know we do them!  So to all my friends who I never see any more - to my boss who I sneak out of work early on, and to my boyfriend who has to schedule intimate time in to my day planner, please accept that I am simply weird, and will not change - because I HAVE to be like this haha :)