Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Long Time No Rain

To all my aunties, uncles and parents - here is what I have been up brief:

This season I am lucky enough to have been selected to race with Trek Red Tuck pb Miosaic Homes.   You can find our news and updates at :
They drove us all down to San Dimas in March for a big international stage race guessed - San Dimas Stage Race.  The smog of LA and the heat of the south were a bit of an adjustment but I had such an amazing time - and didn't race too badly either considering I had been stuck on a trainer all winter.  I placed 19th in the criterium (against world champions and such) and ended up being the only finisher from my team - which was actually a sad accomplishment as it was pretty lonely out there.

We then packed up within the hour finishing the crit and drove to Santa Rosa - wine country - for a week long training camp with the whole team and all our sponsors.  I have never climbed or eaten as much in my life - but who can say no to Mexican 3 times a day!? hahah

So I have been back for a while - raced in a few local races and we just finished up a stage race in Walls walla washington - where the churches are plentiful and the open shops are few.  Again - our team road amazingly - winning a couple stages and lots of money hahaha.  I snagged a 6th in the crit and would have dont pretty well in the road race if I wasn't such a trouble maker and didnt get penalized 30 seconds for crossing the yellowline.  BUt now I know right! 

Next up is a local stage race and in a few weeks I get to go home - to Ottawa - for a big international race called the Gatineau GP.  Hopefully I will be on pretty good form and able to perform really well.

In other news that isn't so race-y- I am moving out to Kitsilano - the beach and hippie part of Vancouver.  Not only did I choose this location because it is right next door to an amazing coffee shop (essential!) but also that it wil be closer to work and cycling routes.  Yess...I have a job - I'm actually at it right now...but shh!!

Also - the worst news - in all seriousness - is that my coach of 3 years passed away in February.  It was/is extremely heartbreaking seeing as I used to talk to him almost every day - and my everyday revolved around what he would tell me to do.  I am still without a coach - and am not really looking for a new one right now.  I have picked up some books to try and help me - which are actually super informative and effective, but it consumes a lot of time and effort to do it all your self - really understanding now how much having Jeremy helped me.  But onwards and up wards as they say.

I'll try and be more dilligent with news updates - I just need to start doing things that are news worth! taking pictures of my super healthy but super chocolaty baking :)